The United States Army is an “always-on” Army, in operation 24 hours a day at locations around the world—and it’s not just members in uniform who are on duty. Hundreds of thousands of military and civilian support staff are hard at work every day on behalf of the Soldier. The Army Behind the Army video series explores some of the more unique and surprising aspects of Army infrastructure and Soldier support.

Four-legged Soldiers have a long history of working alongside their human counterparts. Find out where animals go when they enlist, from familiar creatures like mules, dogs, and horses to exotic beasts like camels and even bomb-equipped bats!

For Army food scientists charged with developing combat rations, hunger is enemy number one. From Revolutionary War-era hardtack to modern Meals-Ready-To-Eat, discover how researchers strike a balance between shelf life and good taste.

Delivering mail to service members stationed around the globe is a complicated but essential task. Learn how even in an era of email and digital communications, the care package and the handwritten letter keep Army staff busy and Soldier morale high.