There are over one million Soldiers in the Army, and many millions more have passed through its ranks. This force of many acts as one, sharing values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. Here you can explore the lives of historical figures and everyday service members alike.

During the early nineteenth century, General Winfield Scott helped establish the structure of America's standing Army.

Sergeant Petry lost his hand in a vicious firefight in remote Paktia Province, Afghanistan. His decisive and valorous action earned him the Medal of Honor.

Naldean “Nan” Borg served in the Army Nurse Corps for 25 years, as an administrator, educator and intensive care nurse in Korea and Vietnam, where she earned the Bronze Star.

General George Washington was so impressed with Robert Erskine’s civil engineering skills that he named the Scottish immigrant the Army’s first Surveyor General.

When Polish émigré Stanley Lane began his three-decade Army career in 1917, he wasn’t even a U.S. citizen. He left service in 1955, having served in two world wars.

The rediscovery of the artwork of Private Henry Sommer has sparked renewed interest in one of the Army’s lesser known but singularly eloquent documentarians of the American frontier.

Every Soldier has a story. The voice of the individual—of every rank, from every era—is a vital part of the NMUSA experience and helps document Army history and tradition.

Are you an Army brat, young, old, or in between? The lives of service members' children are filled with excitement, upheaval, and constant change.