• Interstate H-3 on Oahu, Hawaii looking southeast toward Honolulu.


National Highway System

Today, what is often referred to as the greatest public works project in American history is overseen by the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, in partnership with local and state transportation agencies. The Army remains a crucial player. The Transportation Engineering Agency (TEA), a division of the Army’s Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, continually assesses highways to determine if they meet the needs of the Department of Defense, and coordinates with public agencies to establish policy regarding DoD use of public roads. One of the system’s signature architectural wonders, Interstate H-3 on Oahu opened on 12 December 1997 in an effort to connect military personnel stationed across the island. The road links the Naval Base at Pearl Harbor to the Marine Corps Base on Oahu’s northeast coast. The soaring roadway and mile-long Tetsuo Harano tunnels curve over jungle and snake under rock, an engineering feat that demonstrates Army innovation for the good of the Soldier and the citizen.